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Audeo is a manufacturer of tailored products. We have the capability to produce a diverse range of products made out of a variety of textiles. These include clothing, bags and stitched household products.
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Our Goals

We want to grow our company to become a well respected business of international repute known for its ethics, quality and efficiency. We want our products to traverse the world and be accepted and respected for its quality. We also want to be an integral part of our community, giving back to society, helping to shape our industry and being a source of inspiration.

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Audeo Clothing employees are team players and conscientious people.  We work hard, look out for each other and continously push each other to become better.


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We want to be our brothers’ keeper. And so in partnership with Children’s Right Advocacy Foundation (http://www.crafoundation.org ) and the Bethesda Child Support Agency (http://bethesdaagency.org), we proudly offer our services to ensure that over 700 less privileged children are able to attend school each morning in well tailored uniforms.

Help Us Bring Joy To Children

The Children’s Right Advocate Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Lagos Nigeria. Our Main goal is to help Children, who are under privileged, achieve

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Bethesda School Uniforms

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