Uniform & Learning Materials

Having school uniforms and learning materials is a barrier for poor children to access basic education. Support CRA Foundation to put an end to such barrier.

We provides 2 pairs of high quality uniforms to poor children studying from primary school levels to secondary school. Without uniform it is very difficult for us to send the underprivileged children to schools regularly. With this uniforms the children will attend school regularly with out getting any punishments from school teachers. All the children feel happy and we can see smile on their faces. 

Also, without uniforms the children don’t get the required education they need to become successful in life. This project has potential & impact on poor and street based children. Their basic needs are met & they will get new life through gaining knowledge, vocational skills & life skills. They will get love & affection as if their parents provides. Their confidence level will increase & become good asset to the community. They are developed physically & psychologically & made as good & productive citizens. They will inspire by philanthropy & show humanity towards the community.

To donate towards this cause, CONTACT US . Be sure to write the cause you want to donate towards so we channel your donation specifically for that purpose.

Thank you and God bless you.

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